These boots are made for walking!

A lot of people have quite the wrong idea of ​​me when it comes to shoes. Yes, I love shoes intensely and prefer to wear heels even though I am a giraffe. But if you think you'll find a shoe collection a la Imelda Marcos at my house, then you're dead wrong. When it comes to shoes, "critical" is an understatement for me. I'm super picky when it comes to the cuties at my feet. Everything has to be right and my heart doesn't beat faster from something. I have often had my favorites for years and I am an enthusiastic visitor to the cobbler.

When DWRS Label asked me if I wanted to receive a pair of boots from their new collection to create my favorite looks, I had to think for a moment. But hey, you've known me longer than today and I'm never averse to a cool challenge (Arghhh.., remember that health challenge :0 ). Time to let go of my inner fashionista and get started 😉

DWRS Label was founded in 2015 by Marike and Aukje. After these tough chicks had gained years of experience in the shoe industry, the ladies decided to change course and chase their dream. Fresh designs that are often slightly different to combine endlessly, that was the idea. And lo and behold, DWRS Label is the result! All shoes from the DWRS collection are designed in the Netherlands and produced in Portugal and of course all shoes and boots are made of luxurious leather materials.

Sounds good right? Time to take a good look at the cool boots I received. First the color, I'm a bit in love with it. Sand colored with a dark gradient towards the toe. And of course I know that light shoes don't always combine well with winter scenes, but joe, when was the last time you saw snow in the Netherlands. So nothing wrong!

The embroidered details also complete the cowboy feeling, I like! You can find the High Texas Boot in different colors on the site and the boot costs € 99.95. For a pair of genuine leather boots of this quality, I think that's a very reasonable price! But how do these beauties come into their own? Time to dive into the closet!

Of course it won't stay this god weather forever, although I'm still in the denial phase. Time to get the thick wool sweaters out of the closet again. A denim skirt is always a good idea (iron Martine, iron it!!) and tights with a print to keep things from getting boring.

Very simple of course, but I love the combination with a black dress. In the winter add some tights, a cool jacket over it and you're done. By the way, the pink/blue accessory is private property ;)

My personal favourite! I think the boots match very well with the pleated skirt. I keep it simple with a light top but you can go all out of course ;)
What do you think of these DWRS boots and what is your favorite look?
September 16, 2016 — Aukje Troost