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Everyday outfits with a twist

Outfits for every day, why suddenly this title? When I went out yesterday afternoon with a bag full of clothes to take pictures, it felt a bit awkward. Lately I've only been traveling and writing various travel posts instead of posting an outfit post every day. Especially since I noticed that just sharing outfits just didn't work for me anymore. I no longer got enough inspiration from it and many followers also stick to Instagram when it comes to looks. So this had to change and that's why the travel posts came around the corner.

But that doesn't mean I've completely stopped fashion. I will always love fashion and every now and then I really like to share some looks. Just those outfits that everyone can wear and that you don't have to think about. Because hey, in the Netherlands we just like it nice and simple and comfortable. Don't make it too difficult, just those wonderfully sitting, but also a bit hip outfits. Those outfits that you can wear every day, those outfits for every day, but with a twist. Now that's convenient, today I'm sharing two of them with you.

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The black dress that everyone has in their closet

Summer is coming, and everyone has a black plain dress in the closet. Did you know that you can wear this dress on multiple occasions? When I go on vacation, I always throw a black dress in my suitcase, because it always comes in handy. So for the first look I combined the dress with my black and white sneakers , white jacket and black/white bag. A handy extra: all models of sneakers from DWRS Label have a platform sole, which makes you look slightly taller.

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The heart sneakers from DWRS Label that everyone falls in love with

I love color and immediately fell in love with these white sneakers . To be fair, white sneakers are so easy to combine, but the hearts on them are what make this shoe special. To show that you really don't need a thousand items for a nice look, I chose to put on the white jacket again. Because hey, it's just super comfortable and also looks super nice. Two birds with one stone!

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Invest in timeless basics and a few statement pieces

Lately I've been seeing more and more girlfriends who shop endlessly and then stand in front of their closet and still don't know what to wear. My ultimate tip is to invest in timeless basics that you can easily combine. For example, I just wrote about the black dress, but the white jacket is exactly the same basic. Almost every fashion chain has good basic items these days, find one that suits you and before you know it you'll be wearing it every day. This makes it much easier to combine distinctive items such as these DWRS Label sneakers with your clothes that you already have in your closet.

My second look consists of the heart sneakers in combination with a glittery long sweater dress, which I once bought in Ibiza (still regret not buying it in more colors), red velvet bag, sneakers and white jacket. Well, I wrote a little more than I originally intended. Still photographing some outfits more often and sharing them with you. What do you think of these looks? I look forward to your comments and curious what you think of this post. Oh and don't forget, there's also a new weekly vlog online . For now love X

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May 23, 2017 — Aukje Troost