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Photos by Ileenja and myself

Here are some pictures from last Thursday! In the coming time I will be working together with a number of girls on Instagram with DWRS label (a shoe brand) and to get to know each other and the brand a little better, we went to lunch together at Bar Botanique. I had never been there before, but what a nice place it is with all those plants and tropical atmospheres. I also really like the bar with that beautiful bird above it. In the first years that I had my blog I always went to all the events and launches in Amsterdam after school, but since a while I don't really do that anymore. Some of the girls I saw a lot during those first years were there again on Thursday. Very nice to catch up and hear what they have done in recent years!

For lunch we all got little things to try: gazpacho, chia pudding, bread with humus, cheese and jam and there was a salad. Sophie de Ruiter made the illustration of me that you see in the photos. Very coincidentally I also received another illustration from her by post on Wednesday for the launch of the new Cosmogirl. So nice, now I have two drawings: one in my casual style and one girly version with a dress (I'll show it tomorrow in my weekly report).

Today I'm free on Sunday and now I'm going to Reggae Rotterdam. Fancy!
August 09, 2017 — Aukje Troost