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Together with Chereneffe I started Meet The Influencers Agency . We are going to help brands with influencer marketing. In short, we ensure that your product or service is promoted by the coolest influencers.

Last Thursday, DWRS Label met the influencers during a delicious lunch at Bar Botanique . DWRS Label is our first customer so Chereneffe and I were very nervous, but the lunch was a success and that can only mean a good start to the campaign. In any case, we are looking forward to it!

DWRS Label has chosen seven cool girls as brand ambassadors. In the coming six months they will show the latest models on their Instagram and blog. Which is also nice news, that DWRS Label has a collaboration with Disney. On the photos you can already see a sneak peek of this collection. I think the white sneakers with Minnie Mouse are totally awesome.

Last Thursday was a successful afternoon! Meet The Influencers Agency is now officially a fact! I find it exciting, but I am also very excited. I can't wait to do this for more brands.

I would also like to thank Sophie de Ruiter and Ileenja Marina . Sophie the illustrations of the girls are beautiful, everyone was very happy with them. Ileenja thanks for the cool pictures and patience. Putting seven of those influencers on the picture is hard work, haha. I also want to thank DWRS Label for believing in us.

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August 09, 2017 — Aukje Troost