In this time of corona it is of course very important to ensure good hand hygiene. The more we pay attention to this together, and of course adhere to the other measures, the sooner we will hopefully be 'corona free'! To ensure good hand hygiene, the use of a sanitizer is a must! This kills all bacteria and viruses that may stick to your hands and cleans your hands properly.

Because we as a DWRS label find it very important that everyone is healthy and that we take good care of our society together, we started to study the sanitizers, that's how we came to HAAN! This is a super nice brand that has developed pocket-sized disinfectant hand spray that also smells nice! How great is that! In addition to the scent, this hand spray also contains aloe vera so that your hands do not dry out and remain wonderfully soft :-D

HAAN originally started to prevent water wastage. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world there are still people who suffer from a significant shortage of water. To help these people, HAAN has started developing hand sanitizers. This is to encourage you to wash your hands less with water, but to clean your hands in a responsible way. In addition to preventing water wastage, HAAN donates the proceeds to charity and they build water wells in Malawi for the people who need it there. A wonderful cause that we are happy to support!

rooster sanitizer disinfection spray

By buying a disinfectant spray from HAAN, you are doing well in several areas:

  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Reduced water wastage
  • Donate to charity!

Will you support us? Choose your favorite color and start spraying! '

August 04, 2020 — Aukje Troost