In the coming time you will see more and more DWRS passing by! To inspire you, we have found some super cute girls who will take great pictures with the shoes from the new winter collection! Follow these girls to see how best to combine the shoes with fashionable outfits!

We will introduce our ambassadors below, you may have already seen them on instagram.

So go follow these girls and.. Get inspired!! 💕

teddy jolie convent blogger influencer instagram

Teddy Jolie Convent

Michelle Langerak fitgirl blogger influencer social media instagram

Michelle Langerak

Miranda van der plough stylist blogger influencer chantal blaze

Miranda van der Ploeg

Jennie from the blog blogger

Jennie Gielen - Jennie from the blog

Wendy van Soest blogger influencer

Wendy van Soest

Sneakers and smoothies marjolein from the pants

Marjolein van den Broek - Sneakers and Smoothies

fablefrique frederique bos blogger influencer instagram

Frederique Bos - Fablefrique

saar bliss

Sarah Bliss

Special thanks to:
Ileenja (photography)
Meet The Influencers

August 09, 2017 — Aukje Troost