jacket by Brandy Melville / sweater by H&M / jeans by MANGO / shoes by DWRS label / cap by Nike (joh) / watch by Ice Watch

Good morning on this super early morning! It's now half past six and I'm going to let Cody out and then pick up the car at Alwin and Saske. Around half past 9/9 am I leave with Liza and Cody to Bonn in Germany. And we're in luck: the city's famous cherry blossom trees started blooming two days ago! So we expect beautiful streets with pink trees. We're going to stroll through Bonn this afternoon and then take a walk at the Drachenburg castle tomorrow. The dog stuff and my own bag are packed, the music list is ready and I have a lunch box ready for the road. Fancy!

April 30, 2018 — Aukje Troost