Did you see our brand new campaign pictures? We did a really cool photoshoot to make some pictures and show you the new Spring / Summer 2018 collection of DWRS label.

Keep on scrolling to see the BEHIND THE SCENES of this shoot! This is how we roll :-D


moodboard fashion fashionshoot photo shoot photoshoot mood

Here we go! We are so excited to do our first photoshoot for the brand. Preparation is KEY for a good result so we made a mood board to show the team a little impression of what the result should look like. Keywords for the shoot:


We wanted to show a clean white look with the focus on our shoes. But since we are DWRS we also wanted to show some fun! This is why we decided to add some illustrations to play a little with hearts and stars which are also big key-items in our collection.

hearts drawing illustration


model photoshoot photo shoot photo shoot photo

We selected a model with a fun and different look who was not afraid to play a little on set. And here she is: meet MARA!


SHOES styling shoes set photoshoot shoot photo photo shoot

The most important part of the shoot: THE SHOES. We selected a lot of styles / models so that we were able to show a good image of the spring / summer collection of DWRS label. Of course, we had too many shoes to shoot them all so in the end a smaller selection made it on camera :-D


styling fashion clothes clothes sets photoshoot photo shoot photo shoot

Many clothes and accessories were on set to make the perfect look complete!


makeup make up makeup artist makeup artist photoshoot photoshoot fashion

Our model Mara looked flawless because of the perfect work of our makeup artist Celine!


set photo shoot photographer model

set photo shoot

set photoshoot photo shoot

This is the studio where we shot the pictures! It was a perfect environment to make our own party! So many pictures, and such a mess in the end...


team dreamteam photoshoot photographer makeup artist model stylist

It's a WRAP! This was the dream team of the day! Special thanks to the photographer Jeroen for making us so many nice pictures! And of course, Mara & Celine, you where great!


( Curious for the result? Stay tuned for our next blog post for all pictures!)
February 09, 2018 — Aukje Troost