Sustainability at DWRS Label

From gas cooking to air frying with an airfryer . Every day there are new developments in the field of sustainability. DWRS label also tries to pay more attention to our planet in its own way.

We all know that the fashion and shoe industry has a lot of impact on the environment. We, as a shoe brand, feel responsible to deal with this consciously and to contribute to an environmentally friendly working method. We do this at DWRS label by doing business responsibly as much as possible. Every step in the right direction is important and essential! Sustainability is a very topical subject within our company and we want to take extra steps in the future.

Return costs

At DWRS label we think it's important that you can wear your new shoes with lots of love. However, it can sometimes happen that you are not completely satisfied and want to return your order. Because we want everyone to consciously shop with us, we have taken several steps.

Previously you could return your items to us free of charge in the Netherlands, but from 17 April we charge €4.50 to return an item.
The fashion and shoe industry has a major impact on the environment. We therefore feel responsible to deal with this more consciously.

Manufacturers and materials

In collaboration with certified factories in Portugal, we work hard to ensure that the collection is produced as sustainably as possible. We therefore select the partners there, but also the suppliers ourselves. As a result, the materials are qualified and are increasingly recycled. We have samples made from residual materials from previous productions to ensure that as little waste as possible remains. We then also use these residual materials for future collections. In this way we strive for 'zero waste'. We carefully compile the collections from the Netherlands, but monitor the working conditions during the visits to the manufacturers.


We recently also added a shoe care line to our collection, so that you can enjoy your new DWRS items even longer and therefore have to replace them less often.
This product is biodegradable, so you can spray again with confidence without spreading chemicals. These products are made from natural materials and water-based!


By leaving a review on our webshop , the next buyer knows exactly how the product falls and better choices can be made with your help !

You can also register for a re-stock notification on our webshop. We then receive a notification when there is a lot of demand for a certain model and we can then put the manufacturer to work. As a result, we try to minimize over-production as much as possible.

In addition, you will be rewarded if you keep the shoes and you contribute to making the DWRS label more sustainable.

Only together can we ensure that the world stays healthy! Together we are strong and we would also like to ask you to reflect on this in time. Remember: every little bit helps. :)

Do you have any suggestions for us to become even more aware? Or do you have questions? Feel free to send us an email: