Hi girl!

Welcome to the DWRS Label Affiliate Program!

Join our program and be part of our trendy community with influencers, creators and inspirators. As a DWRS Label Affiliate you get the opportunity to promote our trendy collection and earn rewards based on your performance. We have three levels where you can grow and achieve higher and higher rewards.

Dare to wear DWRS

In this level you can promote your own DWRS collection with your personal affiliate link. You will also receive an exclusive 15% discount on our collection. Show your style and get the chance to upgrade to the next level when we see results!


If you are in this level, you can shop our collection with a special discount of 25%. You can also promote your own DWRS collection with your personal affiliate link. For every product sold through your link you will receive 2% commission. A great opportunity to not only get a discount, but also generate passive income!


In the highest level you feel like a real DWRS girl. With an Instagram feed that is on fleek, a colorful clothing style and a close bond with your followers, you inspire many. As an "IAMDWRS" creator you will receive free items from DWRS or you can use your own DWRS collection. In addition, you earn €8 per order by a new customer and €5 per order by an existing customer via your affiliate link.

Are you ready to become part of our DWRS Label Affiliate Program? Join our community of creative influencers and earn rewards while sharing your style and inspiring others with the trendy DWRS collection!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become an affiliate?

Click on the black 'Register now!' button above. Create a Shopify Collab account and answer all questions. Connect your socials and send your request! You will receive a message from us within 2 weeks, good luck girl!

Can anyone become an affiliate?

Very honest? No, not everyone can become a DWRS label affiliate. We look at various factors to make a choice. For example, whether you have a public profile, are clearly a fashionista and take content creation seriously.

I am registered, what now?

You will receive a message from us within 2 weeks about the processing of your registration. Sometimes you may not be accepted, but don't worry! If you are determined and develop yourself into a real DWRS girl you can always try again later :)

Can I choose which article I am promoting?

Do you belong to one of the first 2 levels, Dare to wear or Be DWRS? Then you can choose which article you promote. TIP: Choose an item that suits your followers, yourself and where all sizes are still available :)

At the 3rd level IAMDWRS everything is done in consultation.

How do I get paid my commission?

You will be paid your commission via your account in Shopify Collabs. This can be Paypal or another payment method that you have selected yourself. Click here for more information.

How do I know which level I am in?

You will receive an email from us with more information about the level for which you have been accepted.

How do I get my promotional products? Level 3 #IAMDWRS

Have you been accepted for the IAMDWRS level? You will then receive a free pair from us at home! We first discuss which article it concerns and what kind of content we would like to see.

How long is my affiliate link valid?

Your affiliate link is always valid, but we track all purchases made from the first click on the link and the following 30 days. If your follower clicks on your link and only buys after 31 days, you will not receive any commission and therefore nothing will be measured anymore.

Someone bought something via my link, what now?

Congratulations! You've landed your first commission. If the customer has paid for the order, has not canceled it and has not returned it within 30 days. You will receive your commission via Shopify Collabs and the payout settings that you have selected yourself. For more information about this, we refer you to this Shopify page .